Agents and Distributors in Fashion

Tuesday 19 March – 4.00pm to 6.00pm

The three ages of an agent (with apologies to Titian)


Why taking back exclusive rights from a distributor may not be such a smart move

The three ages of an agent


  • “I only need a written agency agreement with an agent if I am a limited company or registered for VAT.”
  • “An agency agreement will not come into existence if I have a trial period with the agent.”
  • “If I appoint an agent in France, European law will automatically apply.”

There are more myths surrounding the birth of an agency agreement than there are with a human birth. We address the BIG issues – when does an agency agreement come into existence and when will the agent be protected?


  • “The agent has to do what I say.”
  • “The agent has to attend trade shows.”
  • “The agent cannot act for a competitor.”

Myths and more myths! We address the BIG issues – maximising the agent’s performance.


  • “If the agent ceases to do well, I can take the business away without compensating the agent.”
  • “On termination, I have to pay the agent twice the annual average of the commission paid over the last three years.”
  • “I have no liability to the agent for failing to fulfil confirmed orders,”

ARE, probably, the biggest myths of all! We address the BIGGEST issues of compensation and indemnity.

AND why taking back exclusive rights from a distributor may not be such a smart move.

Designed specifically for fashion, accessory and textile business in the UK – this seminar will give you the up to date information you need to enable you to take on, work, and end your relationship with an agent, as well as looking at the particular issue of exclusivity and distributors. Stephen Sidkin and the agentlaw team from Agency Law specialists, Fox Williams LLP, will explain what your obligations are, how you can protect yourself, and what to do if things go wrong.

The seminar will consist of 90 minutes of up-to-date information, a Question and Answer session and networking over a drink!

Booking is essential

Ticket Prices
£25.20 (inc VAT) for Members of UKFT £62.40 (inc VAT) for non-Members

Registration – 3.30pm
Seminar and Questions – 4.00pm to 5.30pm
Networking and Drinks – 5.30pm onwards

Venue: UK Fashion and Textile Association, 3 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3AR
Email:   Tel: 020 7843 9460 Fax: 020 7843 9478

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