We are currently adapting to a more agile, hybrid approach to work but have not yet agreed our split of working from home and working in the office. Currently all team members can split their time between home and office and although there is no reason why this would not apply equally to trainees, we encourage all of our trainees to attend the office as much as possible to get the most out of in-person learning and supervision, attending client meetings and BD and marketing events.

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We currently plan to run two summer 2022 vacation schemes, both between 4th and 22nd of July. Both schemes will be one week long and we typically have 6 or 7 graduates each week. These weeks will be used to select our future trainees from those that apply for a training contract with us. Our ability to host the vacation scheme in the office will depend on government guidance in place at that time.

We pay £250 per week to cover expenses.


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