The UK and EU have reached a deal that will determine the framework for the new UK-EU relationship. Withdrawal from the EU has generated significant changes to the way UK companies do business and to our laws. Whether in financial regulation, employment law, immigration, or international trade law the impact is widespread.

Membership of the EU has now been replaced by other trading arrangements with EU members, which may to some extent replicate existing arrangements. What is achievable may not become apparent for several years and until then significant uncertainty will remain.

For companies located in the EU27 countries that do business or have disputes resolved in London, we work collaboratively with law firms located in Europe and beyond. We advise on the issues that impact non-UK companies in relation to their UK interests post-Brexit.

Our Brexit team is advising clients on the changes which lie ahead. We are analysing the range of Brexit-related risks and opportunities facing businesses and developing practical strategies to manage them.


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