The regulatory landscape surrounding the use of cookies and e-privacy has developed significantly as a result of the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It is expected to change more once the long awaited ePrivacy Regulation has entered into force. (Even if this does not become directly applicable in the UK, it will likely have extra-territorial scope and therefore capture many UK businesses).

We have substantial experience of advising on all aspect of cookie and e-privacy compliance, including:

  • drafting cookie policies
  • advising on the requirements for consent for the use of cookies and other tracking technologies
  • advising on the requirements applicable when using third party cookies
  • advising on online marketing practices, such as email marketing, and
  • advising on the use of adtech.

Our clients include innovative fintech and adtech companies, financial and professional services firms including UK and US law firms, and multinational businesses in UK, as well as international organisations.


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