We know how devastating a data breach can be, from the reputational damage to the financial losses or penalties.

If you have discovered a data breach, it is critical to act quickly. Our team of lawyers can draw on the excellent knowledge of those in our fraud litigation, employment and data protection teams to help you navigate the complex legal issues and duties that arise once the breach is discovered. We can also advise you on the best routes to recover any stolen data where possible and/or minimise any damage and loss.

If your data has been stolen, you must act immediately in order to achieve the best outcome. We will work quickly to advise you on:

  • any legal steps you could urgently take to recover any data or prevent its disclosure, including injunctions, delivery up orders, freezing orders (including orders against persons unknown, if you are not sure who has the data) and search orders
  • your obligations to notify the ICO and data subjects within 72 hours of discovery of the breach
  • any additional regulatory notifications you may have to make
  • how to manage any reputational impact following a breach.

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