Freezing injunctions are interim orders that restrain a person from disposing of or dealing with certain assets.  All types of assets can be frozen, including bank accounts, shares, motor vehicles and land. They are a temporary order intended to preserve those assets unless and until the applicant has a judgment in respect of their claim.

Asset freezing injunctions are an extremely effective tool in protecting a party’s position, but this area of the law, and the steps to take to obtain a freezing order, are complex.

Our expert team of lawyers can:

  • Advise you on your prospects of obtaining a Freezing Order
  • Advise on your duties to obtain a Freezing Order, including your duty of full and frank disclosure
  • Prepare your application and evidence needed to obtain a Freezing Order at a hearing
  • Advise and guide you through your ongoing obligations
  • Pursue your underlying claim.

"The team works very closely as a unit and plays to everyone’s strengths. They are very imaginative and strategic on both sides of the claimant/defendant divide"

Legal 500 2023

"They are in the happy place of being large enough to take on the biggest cases, whilst small enough that their teams remain focused on the matters in hand."

Legal 500 2023

"Very impressive in correspondence, across a number of hearings, overall strategy and tactics in a many-year case, managing client expectations and giving clear advice as to risks."

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