Diversity reporting

To demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we choose to voluntarily report both our Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gaps on an annual basis. Reviewing and publishing our data annually leads us to reflect upon and understand the size of our pay gaps to help us identify any issues that need to be addressed.

All SRA firms, regardless of size, are required to collect, report and publish data about the diversity of their workforce every two years. At Fox Williams, we believe publishing our Diversity data Yr-on-Yr is important to inform our diversity and inclusion priorities.

Building an inclusive firm: our D&I commitment

We are proud of our dynamic, creative and diverse workforce. We strongly believe that diversity is critical to our success as a business: a more diverse workforce encourages fresh thinking, new perspectives and different approaches to our clients’ issues. Our purpose is to;

Create and sustain a diverse workforce that mirrors the rich diversity of the city of London and our clients.

Make inclusivity more than a goal; for us it’s a core value. The concept of “Our People” is the centre of our core values and we seek to understand and celebrate what makes each of us unique. We are committed to ensuring that each individual is valued, respected and treated fairly.

Nurture a friendly, collaborative culture that enables every individual, regardless of background or experience, to thrive. Our commitment to collaboration empowers us to innovate, solve challenges, and excel as a team.

Through this shared purpose, we aspire to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our people, clients, and broader community.

Diversity and inclusion are not just words on a page but an active commitment that shapes our everyday actions and decisions.”

Evie Meleagros
Partner & D&I Group Chair

Evie Meleagros chairs our D&I Group which is supported and influenced by training and mentoring, recruitment, values and culture, events and communications groups.

Actively promoting and encouraging diversity and inclusion

Through a number of initiatives, programmes and groups, diversity and inclusion is actively engaged with by every member of our firm.

Our active D&I Forum encourage participation across the firm to mark important occasions throughout the year to better understand and celebrate the backgrounds and interests of our diverse workforce.

Our D&I “Bringing the Outside In” annual calendar of events includes events such as:

  • Hosting external education speakers on gender and culture
  • Workshops around imposter syndrome
  • Black History month city history walks
  • Published a Fox Williams cookbook for World Culture Day
  • Hosting a Pride party

We have recently completed a reverse mentoring scheme with our Board and are now taking forward the challenges put forward by the participants including reviewing our recruitment processes.

Our people

Learn more about a day in the life at Fox Williams from our trainee solicitors.

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Supporting D&I in our community

At Fox Williams, our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends far beyond our internal efforts. We actively engage with the broader community to share our expertise while simultaneously learning and evolving as a firm. Our involvement with UpReach, Black Solicitors Network (BSN) and #CityCentury represents our ongoing dedication to diversity and inclusion. By actively participating in these programs, we aim to broaden access to legal careers and ensure that the legal profession becomes truly representative of our diverse society.

UpReach Partnership

Through our partnership with UpReach, we provide mentorship and valuable insight days for students aspiring to enter the legal profession.

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Black Solicitors Network Partnership

Fox Williams are an integral part of the BSN mentorship scheme, the Grassroots Programme, which are proud to have supported since 2022.

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Our involvement with the City Century initiative is our firm’s pledge to shape the future of the legal profession by opening doors to young talent through solicitor apprenticeships.

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Fostering a culture of respect

Our culture is what sets us apart from other firms. We pride ourselves on offering a different opportunity.

We trust and support each other personally and professionally, whatever our role. We work collaboratively as a team and understand that we each have a responsibility to uphold an inclusive working environment.

Prioritising mental health & wellness

We believe that the well-being of our team members is paramount. Our wide-ranging program is dedicated to promoting mental and physical health, and it includes access to clinical psychologists, mental health first aiders, gym discounts, and participation in cycle-to-work schemes. By prioritising well-being, we foster an environment where everyone can flourish.

Personal development & growth

In addition to providing excellent professional training, we also offer mentoring scheme to our lawyers. This programme offers additional support and guidance, helping our team members navigate their careers and achieve their full potential. We believe that mentorship is a vital component of personal and professional growth, and we are dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

Flexible working

We are dedicated to supporting our team members in maintaining an agile, flexible approach to their working patterns where needed. We offer a 60% office, 40% home-based work split and there are several flexible working arrangements in place across our team. Fox Williams is also a member of Cityparents and offers enhanced shared parental and maternity pay at a matched rate.


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