Many thanks to all those of you who responded to our survey about the proposed reform of the Tribunal system. We are especially grateful for those who took the opportunity to express their, often forthright, views in the “any other comments” box. The results have been counted and comments collated into the Government’s consultation response form. To review the response which was submitted please click here.

We have summarised the final results below. Note that the figures may vary very slightly to those mentioned in the consultation document as some responses were submitted after this had been completed.

Would extending the qualifying period for unfair dismissal from one to two years encourage you to recruit more staff?

What would be the fairest way to assess financial penalties for employers who lose in the Tribunal?

Assuming penalties are introduced when should they be applied?

Which three of the following do you think will be most likely to lead to the early settlement of claims?

Would it have a positive influence on your perception of a candidate if a tribunal had ruled he/she had been unfairly dismissed?

In general do you think one month is enough time for ACAS to attempt to resolve a dispute and identify the key issues before allowing the claim to proceed to the Tribunal?

The Government has suggested that employment judges should have the power to strike-out a claim on grounds that it has no reasonable prospect of success without having held a hearing or otherwise allowing the affected parties to make representations.

Do you think judges should be given this power?

If fees are introduced for submitting a claim to the employment tribunal which, in your view, is the most appropriate basis for setting the fee?

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