3 Dec 2021

The SMCR has applied to banks since 2016; insurers since 2018; and core and enhanced firms since 2019.

During that period, our employment and regulatory specialists have advised a significant number of individuals on the identification and management of their personal SMCR risks. In November 2020, we hosted a well-attended and highly interactive webinar, “The SMCR: identifying, managing and mitigating personal SMCR risks”. And there have been plenty of development in the law in this area, since.

Partners, Chris FinneyJoanna ChattertonSona Ganatra and Peter Wright hosted an interactive webinar on these issues. In particular, focusing on:

  • How, when and why personal SMCR risks arise
  • What employers are tolerating; what worries them, and why
  • How some employers are helping their employees and others really aren’t
  • How the regulators are responding, when they’re asked to approve someone whose reference isn’t as clean as it might have been
  • What the responses to our latest Freedom of Information requests tell us about the personal SMCR risks of tomorrow
  • How senior individuals are managing and mitigating their risks – what works, what doesn’t, and what you need to do now, to protect yourself for the future.


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