21 Jun 2022

This webinar, part of London EdTech Week, which took place from 20-26 June and was a week-long celebration featuring 30+ event hosts showcasing the now & next of the future of learning and work.

Growth is on the agenda for many ambitious companies in the EdTech ecosystem. But what are the options and what is right for you? Are you looking for external investment and if so, what should you consider before going ahead? Perhaps another company with similar goals wants to work with you – is a formal merger the answer? Or you may be looking at acquiring a company in the same space that complements your business. How should you go about it?

To understand more about growing your company, Mary Elliott and Hannah Elliott, corporate partners at business law firm Fox Williams LLP, guided our audience through the options and highlighting the possible pitfalls. Mary and Hannah each work with companies in the edtech space and have real life experience of the issues that arise when expansion is a priority.

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