At our annual agentlaw seminar on 24 January 2023, we discussed:

1. Brexit, Covid, war in Ukraine – how to calculate compensation under the Commercial Agents Regulations at a time of uncertainty.

The calculation of compensation under the Regulations regularly causes disagreement between principal and agent. But how do you do it when there is so much uncertainty in the world today? Our guest speaker, Stuart Burns of HW Fisher, chartered accountants, provided his guidance.

2. The enforceability of non-compete restrictions on distributors and agent.

After a distributorship or agency agreement has ended, the extent to which the law allows the enforcement of non-compete restrictions on the distributor or agent can be an important factor for supplier or principal in deciding how to proceed. We looked at the position following two recent court judgments.

3. Bribery and fraud – what principals and agents and suppliers and distributors can – and should – do to spot it, prevent it, and tackle it.

Pressure to fulfil performance targets. Difficult trading conditions. Whatever the cause bribery and fraud does take place and principals and agents and suppliers and distributors need to be alert to the issues.

4. Selling online – the issues for suppliers and distributors and principals and agents.

The extent to which suppliers can control distributors from selling online and principals can instruct agents not to deal with customers who sell through third party platforms has developed in recent months. We looked at the issues and consequences of getting it wrong.

The seminar was chaired by Steve Sidkin, partner and head of the agentlaw team at Fox Williams.


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