In 2020, the World Bank ranked the UK as one of the top 10 easiest places in the world to do business, ahead of Norway and Sweden. The UK economy has always thrived on international trade – more so than most countries – and the UK’s policies continue to be focused on welcoming inward investment and stimulating exports. This remains the case even though the UK has left the European Union. As a general rule, overseas businesses do not need permission to establish a presence in the UK, although authorisation will be needed for certain kinds of business such as banking and financial services.

This guide is designed to give an overview of the key legal considerations when doing business in the UK. It is not intended to be definitive, but sets out those items which should be considered from the outset.

If you are thinking of setting up or expanding a business in the UK (whether by way of an independent business or forming a trading relationship with another UK business), Fox Williams would be delighted to assist. We are able to help with the initial incorporation (or acquisition) of a UK business and advise you on the entire life-cycle of that UK business including, where applicable, an eventual exit and sale.

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