The use of AI is increasing exponentially and now touches many aspects of our daily life. It is fast becoming a crucial business tool, whether assisting in streamlining processes (such as credit checking) or making important business decisions (such as hiring). But the use of AI also involves risks that companies need to understand and manage. 

We were delighted to collaborate with Lexology for this webinar, with partner & head of technology Kolvin Stone, partner and head of data protection Nigel Miller and travel partner Lucy England. We were also joined by John Story, General Counsel and Chief Data Ethics Officer at Acoustic.

In this session we covered the following topics:

  • The main types of AI, uses and common legal risks
  • The role and importance of data ethics in the use of AI
  • The existing framework governing AI and the proposed new EU AI Regulations and their potential impact
  • Managing legal risk with AI vendors and service providers.


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