Our webinar on the popular topic of blockchain, explored how it can work in the travel ecosystem, why travel companies should consider using it, and the associated legal issues.

We partnered with travel and technology advisory firm, Chain4Travel, who demonstrated some real-life blockchain use-cases that apply to a wide range of businesses (B2B, B2C, payments and customer service). We also highlighted the benefits, and some of the challenges – both practical and legal – that these businesses have overcome.

In particular, the use-cases highlighted:

  • How companies can manage the personalisation of offers and the associated data privacy issues;
  • How vouchers can be used as payment and loyalty methods and how to incorporate custodial cryptocurrency wallets into your platform;
  • How the blockchain can simplify the number of API connections a travel company has with suppliers;
  • What smart contracts mean in the context of providing and being paid for travel services and how they can improve digital bookkeeping.


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