In this year’s annual Fashion Law seminar we discussed the following topics:

1. Remuneration and reward for senior employees – what are the key trends in the fashion industry?

Frances Cook, Managing Director of ICEO London, discussed encouraging high performance and protecting loyalty and reputation for both employer and employee. She looked at the key emerging trends and why it is important to provide relevant and attractive packages that will benefit both sides.

ICEO provides strategic career services to senior executives particularly around transition and onboarding. Frances and her team have worked with many clients in the fashion and luxury goods sector for over 20 years.

2. Turnover rents – don’t get stitched up in your retail leases

Increased retail volatility is leading to a corresponding increase in the use of turnover rents in leases. We look at what tenants should be thinking about in respect of turnover rents.

3. Director responsibility – ten ways in which a director can be held personally liable in 2022

While a company shields its directors and members from most liabilities, for directors this protective veil is pierced in certain circumstances. We will tell you what directors need to know.

4. Fashion frontiers – key issues for brands looking to launch NFT collections

NFTs are increasingly being used by brands. We explain the intellectual property law issues to consider and how common legal pitfalls can be avoided. 

The seminar was chaired by Steve Sidkin, partner and chair of Fashion Law Group at Fox Williams.


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